Curated grounding tools that keep you connecting to the earth's healing energy in fun, fresh ways, year round... even indoors.  Benefit from grounding your body in the flow of healing, no matter what the weather or season.

How It Works

Sign up for Grounding Box and every month you will receive exclusive grounding tools and holistic healing items, personally curated by physician and grounding expert Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D.  

Medical grade, eco friendly items that keep you grounding to the earth in fresh and fun new ways, month after month after month... never the same box twice!

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Sign Up

Sign up and let Dr. Laura hand select a care package filled with holistic healing tools just for you!

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Your Box Arrives!

A box will arrive on your doorstep, filled with all the tools you need to get grounded in an exciting fresh new way!

Why subscribe to Grounding Box?

Can you imagine a therapy that can soothe and support every single organ in your body?  Can you imagine something that has been proven to boost your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar, promote better sleep, reduce pain and make you feel comforted and supported like nothing else can? 

What if that very thing was the single best thing you could do to protect your future health and was anti-aging and anti-inflammatory too?

There is such a thing and it is waiting for your right now -- it is connecting with the earth, otherwise known as Grounding.Grounding the body has been clinically proven through blood tests, imaging studies, sleep tests and double blind, placebo medical studies to be an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent, providing head-to-toe health benefits.

Let's do this. 

It is clear we were meant to live in concert with Mother Earth, but that our society has become disconnected to her at grave costs. You don't need to give up your electronics, your comfortable home, or your lifestyle in order to re-connect.  All you need to do is make the effort to ground your body in order to neutralize the inflammatory effects of free radical damage.

Grounding box makes it easy.

Start Healing With Mother Earth:

Featured In:  

Fox, First For Women magazine, Spirituality & Health magazine, Woman's World magazine, MaryJanesFarm magazine, Voice America Talk Radio, The Grounded documentary, Heal For Free documentary, Down To Earth documentary, and more!