A little about Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D...

Dr. Laura is a holistic physician who was tired of all the old conventional healing modalities that didn't work, were invasive and toxic to the body, and worse... often caused more harm than good.

After working for more than 18 years with grounding as the primary healing therapy for her patients, Dr. Laura was featured in several motion pictures and media outlets as a passionate advocate for the safety, effectiveness and powerful healing potential of connecting with Mother Earth.

The thing is, grounding can get tricky depending on the weather, location, mobility of the patient, and season.  

Dr. Laura desired to constantly bring uplifting, fresh, fun, exciting ways for her patients to stay connected and healing with the earth year round, so that their healing would never be interrupted.

That's why she created the world's first, the original, Grounding Box monthly subscription... hand curating these boxes and personally sending them out directly to you. 

It's the only subscription of it's kind... with a licensed physician sending out medical grade, cutting edge, holistic healing products that keep you grounded in all new ways... month after month after month!

Enjoy healing year round with Grounding Box!

Are you ready to subscribe to Grounding Box?

Let Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D. pull together a box just for you and send it directly to your doorstep... never the same box twice, cancel any time!

To read hundreds of free articles on grounding, access tons of other holistic healing tools and join in on fun, uplifting online health classes, 

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