How It Works

When you sign up for Grounding Box, every month you will receive a box of physician curated holistic healing gifts and grounding tools.  Shipped directly to you, ready to be used the moment you open the box. 

Medical grade, eco friendly items that keep you grounding to the earth in fresh and fun new ways, month after month after month... never the same box twice!

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up to let Dr. Laura get started on a care package filled with holistic healing tools!

Step 2

Choose a plan

Choose your plan to get started with your first box!

Step 3

Get a package

Filled with all the tools you need to get grounded in exciting, fresh new ways!

Gift a grounding box to yourself, or gift your loved ones with their own healing subscription.  

Makes a very loving, uplifting and positive gift!

Gift one today!