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Carbon Grounding Band


Product Description

Carbon based grounding technology now available right here! The silver based grounding products found on other grounding websites just don't last. I refuse to carry any silver based product that is likely to lose conductivity after a single wash, like the products carried in other earthing/grounding stores. Not only that, but I refuse also to sell a mass produced product that is created for pennies in bulk over seas to be marked up astronomically and re-sold here in the USA. I want my patients to heal. I want my patients connected and grounding, night after night, wash after wash. I want my products to be the highest quality on the market. I want my products hand crafted, individually, right here, by me personally. I want to choose eco-friendly and medical grade materials that will last for decades, not days. Features: - 2 inch wide carbon conductive ribbon is super soft and will remain powerfully grounding through countless washes with no loss of conductivity - Smaller size means it is super easy to roll up and take on the go -- even hotel beds can be grounded in a few second by traveling with your grounding mattress band. Comes with a reusable travel bag! - 75 inches long means it is long enough to reach across any size mattress, from Twin to King - Carbon ribbon is hand sewn onto an eco-friendly hemp/organic cotton base fabric, simply pin the strip down wherever you like on your bed and at any angle... across the bottom foot area, across the middle of the mattress at the level of the hips, across the top of the mattress where your shoulders rest, etc... - Made in the USA Mattress Band Kit Includes: - 4 inch x 75 inch long grounding mattress band with a 2 inch carbon ribbon securely sewn the entire length of the band - 8 foot long grounding cord with grounding plug (+ outlet checker to determine if your outlet is properly grounded) - In-line fuse as an added safety feature - Come in a reusable carrying bag for easy travel - Instructions Super soft ribbon makes it comfortable and easy to have direct skin contact with the band, and super strong carbon means you can wash it without destroying conductivity. **To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I cannot accept returns on personal care items such as this mattress band** Please allow up to 2 weeks for your mattress band to be custom sewn in the USA just for you!

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