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Product Description

Are you looking for a targeted way to speed the Earth's healing flow directly to a particular area of your body you are wanting to heal? Do you have a specific pain, joint issue, area of inflammation, or area of tension you would like to have as a direct healing point of contact? Are you looking for the absolutely least expensive way to ground your body indoors? Would you like that grounding modality to be the exact same, totally reliable, absolutely highest quality patches that hospitals use? Then these patch kits are for you. So many upgrades to this patch kit, including: - Superior, reusable, medical grade grounding patches - 20 ft long grounding cord with built in 100K Ohm resistor - Outlet checker, so that you can be certain your outlet is properly grounded - kits come in quantities of 100 patches (each patch can be used 2 - 3 times) for almost a year's worth of daily grounding therapy in one kit. Costs less than 20 cents per grounding session! Enjoy targeted healing that works... exactly where you need it to.

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