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Product Description

This grounding mattress panel is literally the most effective grounding tool on earth, and here's why: Hand made in the USA of the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel, organic hemp and organic cotton, this grounding mattress panel is the only way to know for absolute certain that you are grounded all night long while you sleep. It is the only grounding item that can ground you through a fitted sheet and/or pajamas (all natural fabrics like cotton, wool or silk work best. ) And because you can anchor it in place by putting a fitted sheet on top of it, it does not shift out of position or bunch up throughout the night, and there is no concern about oils or lotions affecting the performance of the sheet. It lasts infinitely longer than grounding products that have to connect your skin directly and therefore require more washing. And because our product uses 100% surgical grade stainless steel fibers for conductivity, it lasts dramatically longer than inferior products made from silver fibers that break or erode easily in the wash. With other grounding products, one wash in non-distilled water is enough to make it stop working. Not so with our mattress panels. Stainless steel can be washed for decades with no loss of conductivity and no deterioration, which is why it is the material of choice used in hospitals world wide for reliability and durability. In addition, by using an alligator clip for the connector (instead of a snap) there is infinite connection potential to the entire perimeter of the panel, not dependent on one snap point (a common complaint I hear with other grounding products is that once the snap breaks, the entire item is useless... this is never ever an issue with the Bearfoot Grounding Mattress Panel!) On top of that, for the ultimate in safety and security, I have added an inline fuse holder, so that in the unlikely event of a lightening strike or other surge, your mattress panel automatically completely disconnects and there is absolutely no risk of any current traveling to the mattress panel. Only the healing, grounding flow of well being from Mother Earth. In addition, I personally hand test every single mattress panel for conductivity before hand stamping each one with a *Bearfoot Grounding* seal of approval just before I ship it directly to you! And... as a free bonus, I'm including a free grounding tester with each mattress panel (for all orders in North America that select the outlet plug design) so that you know for sure you are grounded and you can test your sheet's conductivity and your pajamas conductivity too! There is absolutely no other grounding item available that has a physician personally testing each item for absolute maximum grounding effectiveness before it is shipped to you. No other item on earth except this one. And if you want to bypass your home's electrical system entirely (or don't want to bother with an outlet adapter when you travel or for use internationally) you can use this mattress panel to ground to the earth directly with a grounding rod! Simply select the grounding rod option at checkout instead! The grounding rod is deal for international customers who do not want to bother with an outlet adapter, or those who live in older homes with old wiring. Grounding rod comes with 30 foot grounded cord, and is super easy to use. Just push the grounding rod several inches into the earth outside near your home and run the grounding cord through a door or window to clip it directly to your sheet! Features: - 7" highly conductive panel of surgical grade stainless steel conductive fibers utilizing two different grounding pathways -- strong mesh fibers on center strip and extra layers of conductive steel fiber fabric on either side of mesh to not only provide extra softness along edge of mesh insert but this also provides a back up method of conductivity so that panel can NEVER lose conductivity even if a hole is punctured right through it! - organic hemp/organic cotton base to anchor the panel on either side, creating a panel that is approximately 6 ft long x 2.5 feet wide (long enough to lay across a king sized bed) - hand made in the USA - can go under a fitted sheet if the sheet is 100% thin conductive natural fabrics like cotton and silk - includes inline fuse holder along with an extra replacement fuse - physician tested for conductivity before being hand stamped with a *Bearfoot Grounding* seal of approval - free grounding continuity tester (included with panels that plug into North American outlets only!) - includes 8 ft grounding cord, North American outlet checker (to be certain your outlet is properly grounded) and an outlet adapter, or... - a copper grounding rod with 30 ft extension cord so you can ground through your home's wiring or directly to Mother Earth outside -- choose your option at check out Care: Hand or machine wash as needed with mild detergent, no bleach, no fabric softener. Top with a natural fiber fitted sheet if desired (such as cotton, wool or silk -- no synthetic blends) Worried your current bedding will block the grounding energy? If you have any question that your sheets or pajamas have synthetic fibers that are blocking conductivity, this mattress panel can absolutely be used on top of your sheets with direct skin contact. Simply place the panel across the foot of your bed and allow the contact with your bare feet to speed grounded healing to you all night long!

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